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Back of CD says: A fresh and delicate composition, Lotus Morning features the sound of rare Chinese instruments, some of which date back to the Tang Dynasty, picking their way lightly past a soft and harmonious backdrop of string, harp and flute-sounds. 1 Lotus Morning 2 Inner Healing 3 Colours of the East 4 Ancient Wisdom 5 Tien Ti Ren 6 Cycle of Prosperity 7 Gods of Fortune 8 Sheng Chi – Breath of the Dragon Essentially a pianist and keyboards player, Llewellyn’ production and recording skills have been put to the fullest use, crafting some of the most melodic and beautiful sounds in the Tranquility music range. In Lotus Morning, he evolves the mystery of the Orient in a calm and unhurried way, the sights and the colours of the East reflected in the timeless beauty of the Lotus flower.