CrystalGemsStore Colour Healing And Well-Being Ideal For Professionals, Teachers or Beginners Mind, Body And Soul Series

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1 Brilliance (5.03) 2 Red (5.16) 3 Orange (5.09) 4 Yellow (4.51) 5 Green (5.25) 6 Blue (6.11) 7 Indigo (6.30) 8 Purple (4.59) 9 Silver (5.08) 10 Gold (3.59) They say: Colour is an intimate part of our being as without light there is no life. We are swamped with colour from the moment we are born. Colour is an aspect of everything we eat, drink, touch and are surrounded by. Colour healer and author Lilian Verner-Bonds has collaborated in creating an album that sets the perfect atmosphere for colour healing.