CrystalGemsStore Carved Buddha Healing and Meditation Singing Bowl Hand Crafted Mindfulness Practice

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A beautiful hand crafted singing bowl – used for healing and meditation. If we believe that sound is a vibrational energy then we can easily accept that sound is not only heard in our ears but absurbed through every cell in our bodies. sound is an amazing formular to transform individuals on an emotional and spiritual level – bringing our mind, body and souls into harmony. When you focus on the unique sound of your singing bowl it creates the space to enter into a mindfulness meditation. It is widely accepted that practicing meditation on a regular basis is good for our mental well-being. To use your singing bowl follow these simple steps 1) ensure you place the bowl in the palm of your hand with your fingers straight (do not cup the singing bowl) 2) strike your singing bowl with the stick 3) Slowly but firmly use your stick around the outside of your singing bowl – slide on the outside in a circular motion 4) Enjoy the unique sound and meditation

  • Hand Crafted Singing Bowl
  • 14*14*7cm
  • 1000-1100kg