CrystalGemsStore Book & CD Set – Eliminating Stress, Finding Inner Peace by Brian Weiss


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Back of Book says: “Events or perceptions that have the capacity to induce stress reactions in us are subjective and relative. An occurance that traumatizes you may not affect me at all and vice versa. An event that caused you considerable stress last year may hardly register this year, because your attitude or perspective may have changed in that period of time. You may even enjoy the experience this time around or perceive it as an exciting challenge rather than a threat, trauma, or stressor. It is quite simply all in the eye of the beholder. Our free will determines our reaction to these events. Will we react with fear, or with confidence and optimism? The choice is ours to make; stress or confidence, fear or love, anxiety or inner peace.” – Brian L. Weiss, M.D.

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