Chakra Cleansing

We are believed to have seven Chakra’s which can be thought of as energy points in specific areas of our body, from our lower back right to the top of our head. Each chakra represents a different function.
These include:
Root chakra – represents feeling grounded to earth
Sacral chakra – represents our capacity to be open to new experiences in our life – Emotional Balance, Inner Child, Pleasure.
Solar plexus chakra – represents how in control of our feelings – Will power, self-confidence, Ego
Heart Chakra – Unconditional Love
Throat Chakra – Creativity, Communication, Self-expression
Brow Chakra – Intuition, Wisdom, visualisation
Crown Chakra – Spirituality
It is believed if one of our chakras becomes blocked it can have an impact on us as it is unable to function at its full potential. We have an inspirational selection of products to support you to gently clear any blockages and allow your energy points to flow freely.