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The terms mindfulness and meditation are now commonplace in the media but what do they actually mean?  Keep reading to find out!

Throughout our lives we all face obstacles, how we overcome them and become stronger and wiser because of them is vastly dependant on two things:

  • Learning easy to use techniques that enable us to be mindful and present.
  • Incorporating these techniques into our everyday lives as if they were as important as eating breakfast or brushing your teeth.

Meditation is used in so many different and fascinating ways, there is no right or wrong way to meditate!

You can:

  • Listen to a guided meditation that will focus on a particular area of interest.
  • Quieten your mind to a piece of meditation music.
  • Or simply sit quietly and follow your breath.

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Aromatherapy – Your guide to essential oils

The beauty of essential oils is not only can they be used to help with mood and skin conditions they can also be used around the home.

We know the cold season is upon us!  To help clear those sinuses try mixing a few drops of tea tea oil and lavender in some water using an oil burner.  The tea tree will assist with your breathing and the lavender will help to create a relaxing environment.

Essential oils must be used correctly as they are toxic in the wrong quantities!

Oils should be mixed with a carrier oil, Almond oil, grapeseed oil, advocado oil, as used undiluted can cause the skin to be irritated, they can be used:

  • In a diffuser
  • Added to a bath
  • In a spray bottle
  • Massaged into the skin.

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