About Us

CrystalGemsStore is very simply about well-being.  Having gained a very personal understanding that each of us are on our own unique journey with wonderful moments and sometimes trying times I began to explore alternative therapies to enhance and create more experiences of feeling balanced and discovered through meditation that it is possible to train our thoughts to work in harmony with achieving our desired life experiences.

I truly believe in nurturing our mental well-being weather this be a spiritual practice or using the materials and tools to allow our minds a safe haven to rest every now and then and recuperate.

As you explore the website you will discover lots of interesting and beautiful things that are designed to bring a little bit of joy to your life. There are pieces of crystal jewellery you may like for yourself or gift candles you may wish to buy for a loved one or friend. Our beautiful selection of items are sourced from all over the world and as you will notice we strive to only bring you items that are made from the best materials and where possible natural ingredients.

We are a newly established online retailer based in London and as our journey continues to grow we would like our customers to join us, please feel free to contact us with comments, suggestions or feedback, follow us on twitter or sign up for special offers and become part of a well-being community where we can share lots of articles and interesting information on a range of topics together.

Wishing you all peace and happiness